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prospect noun
مَنْظَر, مَشْهَد, أُفُق
نَظْرَة عَامَّة
Example sentences of
prospect noun
  • the frightening prospect of going to war
  • She is excited by the prospect of returning to school.
  • Bankruptcy is an unlikely prospect for the company.
  • There was no prospect that the two parties would reach an agreement anytime soon.
  • She is a young baseball player who's considered a top prospect.
  • We haven't decided which car to buy yet. We're still looking at a few prospects.
prospect verb
prospected, has prospected, is prospecting, prospects
نَقَّبَ عَن الذّهَب
Example sentences of
prospect verb
  • soon all manner of people had arrived in the valley to prospect it for gold