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pressure noun
Example sentences of
pressure noun
  • Apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.
  • the pressure of the compressed air inside the chamber
  • The animal's jaws can exert a pressure of more than 750 pounds per square inch.
  • The horse will respond to the slightest pressure of a rider's knee.
  • The fruit yields to gentle pressure when it's ripe.
  • the normal air pressure at sea level
  • He gave in to the social pressures to act and dress like everybody else.
  • She felt a constant pressure to earn more money.
Synonyms of
pressure noun
pressure verb
pressured, has pressured, is pressuring, pressures
ضَغَطَ, خَنَقَ
Example sentences of
pressure verb
  • his father pressured him to go out for the swim team
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