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pinch noun
Example sentences of
pinch noun
  • the pinch of my favorite sweater really bugged me!
  • an innocent person caught up in a city-wide pinch of drug dealers
pinch verb
pinched, has pinched, is pinching, pinches
قَرَصَ, لَدَغَ
تَنَاوَلَ بِأَطْرَاف أَصَابِعِهِ
Example sentences of
pinch verb
  • My little brother is always trying to pinch me.
  • He pinched her cheeks and told her how cute she was.
  • Pinch together the edges of the dough.
  • He pinched the top of his nose to stop the bleeding and leaned forward.
  • He pinched off the top of the shoots.
  • She pinched back the new growth.
  • These new shoes are pinching my toes.
  • I pinched my fingers in the door.
  • By pinching and scraping, she managed to save enough money to buy a new car.
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pinch verb