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patent noun
بَرَاءَة اخْتِرَاع
اخْتِرَاع مُسَجَّل
Example sentences of
patent noun
  • The product is protected by patent.
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patent adjective
مُسَجَّل, مَصُون بِبَرَاءَة
مَفْتُوح, مُبَاح
وَاضِح, جَلِيّ
مُنْتَشِر, مُمْتَد
Example sentences of
patent adjective
  • The company settled a patent dispute last year.
  • the licensing of patent rights
  • They were sued for patent infringement.
  • His explanation turned out to be a patent lie.
  • She acted with patent disregard for the rules.