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part noun
فَصْل, قِطْعَة
قِسْم, قِسْمَة
Example sentences of
part noun
  • The entire book is good, but the best part is the ending.
  • I don't remember him saying that. I must have missed that part.
  • The mechanic had to order the part from the manufacturer.
  • The parts of a radio include the speaker, dials, and antenna.
  • Do you have any spare parts for this model of car?
  • the moving parts of the machine
  • parts of the human body
  • My favorite part of the chicken is the drumstick.
  • a diagram labeling the different parts of the flower
  • Come join us and be part of a winning team.
part verb
parted, has parted, is parting, parts
فَرَقَ, بَايَنَ, زَايَلَ, افْتَرَقَ, انْفَصَلَ
فَرَّقَ, فَصَلَ, قَسَمَ, قَسَّمَ, فَرَّطَ
Example sentences of
part verb
  • The crowd parted to let the president through.
  • The rain stopped and the clouds parted.
  • The big red curtains parted to reveal a new car!
  • The Bible tells the story of how God parted the Red Sea.
  • She closed her eyes and parted her lips.
  • She parts her hair on the side.
  • His dark hair was parted down the middle.
  • The two lovers parted at dawn.
  • Tomorrow we shall part and, I fear, never see each other again.
  • She couldn't bear the thought of parting from her family.
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part verb
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