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outstanding adjective
مُتَفَوِّق, مُمْتَاز, مَرْمُوق
مُمَيِّز , بَارِز, مَلْحُوظ
Example sentences of
outstanding adjective
  • Tonight we will honor the school's most outstanding students.
  • You did an outstanding job on the project.
  • the outstanding quality of your work
  • a wine that is outstanding in quality
  • As a president, he was outstanding in many ways.
  • Her novels are outstanding for their complex characters and interesting plots.
  • The painting is an outstanding example of the artist's style.
  • Outstanding among the menu items were the tomato soup and the swordfish.
  • She had several outstanding parking tickets in her car.
  • He left a balance of 50 dollars outstanding on his account.