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noted adjective
Example sentences of
noted adjective
  • She is a noted scholar specializing in Latin-American literature.
  • a serious play that needs a noted Broadway actor for the lead if it is to attract audiences
note verb
noted, has noted, is noting, notes
لَاحَظَ, أَشَارَ, ذَكَرَ, قَيَّدَ
Example sentences of
note verb
  • You may have noted my late arrival.
  • The thing to note here is that people are suffering.
  • It's interesting to note how quickly things have changed.
  • Their objections were duly noted.
  • As one official noted, the situation has begun to get out of control.
  • As noted above most people survive the disease.
  • “They've asked us to leave,” he noted with amusement.
  • "They've asked us to leave," he noted with amusement.