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move noun
تَدْبِير, خُطْوَة
Example sentences of
move noun
  • He made a sudden move that scared away the squirrel.
  • an athlete who has some good moves
  • The policeman warned him not to make any false moves.
  • He was afraid to make a move.
  • No one is sure what his next move will be.
  • He's preparing for his move to California.
Synonyms of
move noun
Related phrases for
move verb
moved, has moved, is moving, moves
حَرَّكَ, تَحَرَّكَ
نَقَلَ, تَحَلْحَلَ
تَرَاقَصَ, قَلْقَلَ
Example sentences of
move verb
  • He moved the chair closer to the table.
  • It may be necessary to move the patient to intensive care.
  • The breeze moved the branches of the trees.
  • The branches moved gently in the breeze.
  • She was unable to move her legs.
  • She was so frightened that she could hardly move.
  • I moved over so that she could sit next to me.
  • We moved into the shade.
  • The police were moving through the crowd telling people to move toward the exit.
  • We could hear someone moving around upstairs.