2 Translation results for: moderate
moderate adjective
مُتَوَسِّط, مُعْتَدِل
Example sentences of
moderate adjective
  • Her doctor recommended moderate exercise.
  • There were moderate levels of chemicals in the lake.
  • drinking moderate amounts of coffee
  • Most of these medicines relieve mild to moderate pain.
  • a family of moderate income
  • a book of moderate length
  • The group met with only moderate success.
  • a writer of moderate talent
  • The hotel offers comfortable rooms at moderate prices.
  • Both moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans can agree on this new law.
Synonyms of
moderate adjective
moderate verb
moderated, has moderated, is moderating, moderates
Example sentences of
moderate verb
  • The protesters have been unwilling to moderate their demands.
  • She moderates at our office meetings.
  • She moderates our discussions so that we don't argue or talk at the same time.