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live verb
lived, has lived, is living, lives
حَيَّ, عَاشَ
وَطَنَ, سَكَنَ, اسْتَقَرَّ, ثَوَى, أَثْوَى
Example sentences of
live verb
  • We learned about the people who lived during colonial times.
  • I wonder what it was like to live then.
  • She's one of the greatest writers who ever lived.
  • It was one of the largest animals that has ever lived.
  • He lived to the age of 92.
  • He's very sick and he may not live much longer.
  • I hope I live to see the day when you admit you've been wrong about me!
  • I'll remember that day for as long as I live.
  • He lives next door to his parents.
  • We lived in the city.
Synonyms of
live verb
live adjective
Example sentences of
live adjective
  • The store sells live fish in an aquarium.
  • They object to the use of live animals in scientific experiments.
  • We went to a nightclub with live music.
  • She was nervous about being interviewed on live radio.
  • The network is providing live coverage of the debate.
  • Use caution when you are working near live electrical wires.
Synonyms of
live adjective