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late adjective
بَطِئ, مُتَأَخِّر
رَاحِل, مَرْحُوم, رَحِيل
Example sentences of
late adjective
  • It happened in late spring.
  • We had a late spring this year.
  • Hurry up or we'll be late for school.
  • a word first recorded in the late 17th century
  • Their warning was too late to help him.
  • It was late in the evening when we finally went to bed.
  • I've always been a late riser.
  • He made a donation to the school in memory of his late wife.
late adverb
Example sentences of
late adverb
  • Late in the year he became ill.
  • It rained late in the day.
  • Late in his career he moved to the city.
  • a word first recorded late in the 17th century
  • They were trailing by a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.
  • The package should be arriving late next week.
  • He sent in his job application late.
  • They arrived too late for breakfast.
  • I like getting up late.
  • The package arrived late, but better late than never!
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late adverb
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