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lapse verb
lapsed, has lapsed, is lapsing, lapses
تَدَهْوَرَ, سَقَطَ
Example sentences of
lapse verb
  • After a few polite words the conversation lapsed.
  • Her interest in politics lapsed while she was in medical school.
  • She didn't pay the premium and her life insurance policy lapsed.
  • He forgot to renew his driver's license, so it lapsed.
  • She allowed the magazine subscription to lapse.
lapse noun
فَلْتَة, سُقُوط, تَدَهْوُر
انْقِضَاء, مَضِيّ
Example sentences of
lapse noun
  • He blamed the error on a minor mental lapse.
  • a lapse into bad habits
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