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heap verb
heaped, has heaped, is heaping, heaps
كَدَّسَ, كَوَّمَ, رَكَمَ
Responsive image
The laundry was heaped in a basket.
Example sentences of
heap verb
  • the critics heaped scorn on the wannabe blockbuster and its implausible plot
  • heaped the stones in a corner of the yard
Synonyms of
heap verb
heap noun
كَوْمَة, كَوْم
رُكَام, رَكَم
Example sentences of
heap noun
  • He dumped the grass clippings into the compost heap.
  • a heap of old newspapers
  • She left her dirty clothes in a heap on the floor.
  • He's in a heap of trouble!
  • I can't believe he's still driving that old heap.