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happy adjective
فَرِح, سَعِيد, مَسْعُود, مَسْرُور, مَرِح, مِرِّيح, بَهِيج
فَرْحَان, مَبْسُوط
Example sentences of
happy adjective
  • She was a very happy child.
  • You don't look happy. What's the problem?
  • We're all one big, happy family here.
  • I'd do anything to make her happy.
  • I could hear the children's happy laughter in the other room.
  • She had a very happy childhood.
  • They've had a very happy marriage.
  • I was glad the movie had a happy ending.
  • We are so happy that you were able to come to the party.
  • They are not at all happy about the rise in taxes.