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glow verb
glowed, has glowed, is glowing, glows
تَوَهَّجَ, تَوَقَّدَ
تَهَلَّلَ, زَهَا, أَزْهَرَ
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Glowing coals
Example sentences of
glow verb
  • The coals glowed in the fireplace.
  • The fireplace glowed with the dying coals.
  • This toy glows in the dark.
glow noun
Example sentences of
glow noun
  • We could see the glow of the lamp in the window.
  • The town's lights cast a glow on the horizon.
  • the rosy glow of health
  • He felt a glow as he remembered the day they first met.
  • Their problems were all forgotten in the glow of victory.
  • She felt the glow from the fireplace.
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glow noun