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follow verb
followed, has followed, is following, follows
تَبَعَ, تَابَعَ, أَتْبَعَ, تَتَبَّعَ, اتّْبَعَ
لَحِقَ, لَاحَقَ, شَايَعَ
عَقَّبَ, أَعْقَبَ, عَقَبَ, تَعَقَّبَ
نَهَجَ, انْتَهَجَ
Example sentences of
follow verb
  • She followed us into the kitchen.
  • The dog followed the children home.
  • The exit is right this way. Just follow me.
  • The children went home and the dog followed behind.
  • If one sheep goes through the gate, the rest will follow.
  • The number 15 follows 14.
  • Her accident was followed by a long period of recovery.
  • First came the student speeches, and the presentation of awards followed.
  • Rioting followed the unjust verdict.
  • If you work hard, success will surely follow.