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fix verb
fixed, has fixed, is fixing, fixes
جَعَلَ, حَدَّدَ, قَرَّرَ, قَوَّمَ
ثَبَّتَ, رَسَّخَ, رَكَزَ
رَتَّبَ, أَصْلَحَ
Example sentences of
fix verb
  • He fixed the fence last weekend.
  • I need to fix this dent in my car.
  • People expect the schools to fix whatever is wrong with their kids.
  • All tables on the ship will be fixed to the floor.
  • The table was fixed firmly to the floor.
  • The scarf was fixed in place with a pin.
  • They haven't yet fixed the date of their wedding.
  • Investigators are still attempting to fix the exact time of the accident.
  • They fixed the price at $10.
fix noun
Example sentences of
fix noun
  • There's no easy fix to this problem.
  • The result was unexpected, and some people suspect a fix.
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fix noun