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find verb
found, has found, is finding, finds
وَجَدَ, لَاقَى
أَدْرَكَ, فَهِمَ, عَثَرَ
اهْتَدَى, اسْتَنْبَطَ, اكْتَشَفَ
Example sentences of
find verb
  • He found a dollar on the ground.
  • The well diggers found a number of Native American artifacts.
  • After an hour of searching, I finally found my glasses.
  • We need to find a suitable person for the job.
  • She found the answer at last.
  • They claim to have found a more efficient way to run the business.
  • researchers trying to find a cure for cancer
  • You must find time to do it.
  • I found a way to pay for college without taking out any loans.
  • She found the courage to address the crowd.
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find verb