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filter verb
filtered, has filtered, is filtering, filters
صَفَّى, نَقَّى, قَطَّرَ
رَوَّقَ الشَّرَاب
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This pitcher filters water to remove impurities.
Example sentences of
filter verb
  • They've begun filtering their water to remove impurities.
  • a device that filters impurities from water
  • sunglasses that filter ultraviolet light
  • Sunlight filtered through the leaves.
  • His ideas have filtered down to his children.
  • The crowd filtered into the arena.
  • Early election returns have begun to filter in.
filter noun
Example sentences of
filter noun
  • She smokes cigarettes with filters.
  • He placed a red filter on the camera lens.
  • digital filters that stop high-frequency sounds