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feel verb
felt, has felt, is feeling, feels
شَعَرَ, اسْتَشْعَرَ
حَسَّ, حَسَّسَ, أَحَسَّ, تَحَسَّسَ
مَسَّ, لَامَسَ, جَسَّ, اجْتَسَّ
Example sentences of
feel verb
  • He felt a sudden pain in his leg.
  • I could feel the warmth of the sun.
  • I felt someone tap my shoulder.
  • Do you feel a draft?
  • She felt the fabric to see if it was wool.
  • Your ribs are bruised, but I don't feel any broken bones.
feel noun
Example sentences of
feel noun
  • the feel of old leather
  • Although the table is brand-new, it has the look and feel of an antique.
  • He liked the feel of the sun on his face.
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feel noun
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