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fair adjective
أَبْلَجُ, بَهِيج, وَسِيم, حَسَن
نَزِيه, عَادِل
Example sentences of
fair adjective
  • That's a fair question, and it deserves an honest reply.
  • He is known as a very fair man.
  • I try to be fair to my children.
  • He claims that the competition wasn't fair.
  • It's not fair that she gets to leave early and I don't.
  • a fair and impartial jury
  • a bargain that is fair to everyone
  • “What a bad movie!” “Be fair! Parts of it are actually pretty funny.”
  • I can't say I liked the movie, but, to be fair, parts of it are pretty funny.
  • She did poorly on the test, but, to be fair, so did a lot of other people.
fair noun
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A large fair
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