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fade verb
faded, has faded, is fading, fades
تَلَاشَى, ذَوَى, اخْتَفَى, خَفَتَ
بَاخَ, كَبَا
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Man wearing faded and torn jeans
Example sentences of
fade verb
  • The flowers were fading in the vase.
  • the fading light of late afternoon
  • She was fading fast from the effects of the pneumonia.
  • We watched the ship gradually fade from view as it sailed away.
  • The smile faded from his face.
  • Hopes for a quick end of the crisis are fading fast.
  • Their reasons for leaving have faded from memory.
  • He's trying to recapture the faded glory of his youth.
  • The band's popularity has faded in recent years.
  • The fabric will fade unless you protect it from the sunlight.
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fade verb