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experience noun
تَجْرِبَة, اخْتِبَار
خِبْرَة, مُمَارَسَة, مَعْرِفَة
Example sentences of
experience noun
  • The best way to learn is by experience.
  • We need someone with experience.
  • She gained a lot of experience at that job.
  • I know that from personal experience.
  • She has five years' experience as a computer programmer.
  • He wrote about his experiences as a pilot.
  • That experience is one I'd rather forget!
  • She had a frightening experience.
experience verb
experienced, has experienced, is experiencing, experiences
خَبَرَ, ذَاقَ, عَرَفَ, اخْتَبَرَ
شَهِدَ, لَقِيَ, لَاقَى
Example sentences of
experience verb
  • That was one of the worst days I've ever experienced.
  • The patient has been experiencing pain in her left shoulder.