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establish verb
established, has established, is establishing, establishes
أَقَامَ, أَسَّسَ, أَصَّلَ, كَرَّسَ
بَرَمَ, أَبْرَمَ, بَنَى, أَنْشَأَ
أَقَرَّ, حَدَّدَ, سَنَّ, اسْتَنَّ, أَرْسَى
ثَبَّتَ, أَثْبَتَ
Example sentences of
establish verb
  • The film established her as a star.
  • She established a reputation as a hard worker.
  • The word is now established as part of the English language.
  • The company has established itself as a leader in the industry.
  • As a young doctor he worked hard to establish himself in the community.
  • They want to establish their children in the family business.
  • She established a system of tracking expenses more accurately.
  • The two countries established a mutual trade agreement.
  • establishing a link between diet and cancer
  • Investigators are trying to establish if anyone knew about these problems before the accident.
  • They established the city in the 18th century.
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establish verb