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effect noun
تَأْثِير, فِعْل, مَفْعُول, مَعْلُول
عُقْب, مَغَبَّة, ثَمَر
Example sentences of
effect noun
  • He now needs more of the drug to achieve the same effect.
  • The experience has had a bad effect on him.
  • Computers have had a profound effect on our lives.
  • The effects of the drug soon wore off.
  • This treatment causes fewer ill effects.
  • The change in policy had little effect on most people.
  • He was able to stop taking the drug without ill effect.
  • The total effect of the painting was one of gloom.
  • The color gives the effect of being warm.
  • He achieves amazing effects with wood.
effect verb
effected, has effected, is effecting, effects
Example sentences of
effect verb
  • They are trying to effect a settlement of the dispute.
  • The duty of the legislature is to effect the will of the people.
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