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edge noun
حَافَة, حَافَّة, طَرَف, حَاشِيَة, شَفَة, حَرْف, آخِر, حَدّ
Example sentences of
edge noun
  • They peered over the edge of the roof.
  • The fabric was frayed at the edge.
  • He made us all nervous by standing so close to the edge of the cliff.
  • She sat on the edge of the counter, swinging her legs.
  • the edge of an ax
  • His voice had a sarcastic edge.
  • Her writing seem to have lost its edge.
  • These amendments will blunt the edge of the legislation.
edge verb
edged, has edged, is edging, edges
حَوَّطَ, سَوَّرَ
Example sentences of
edge verb
  • Edge the sleeve with lace.
  • She edged away from him.
  • Gasoline prices have been edging upward.
  • I edged my chair closer to the table.
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edge verb