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drawing noun
رَسْم, سَحْب
Example sentences of
drawing noun
  • She made a drawing of my house.
  • With an economy of lines, he created a vivid drawing of the tree.
Synonyms of
drawing noun
Related phrases for
draw verb
drew, has drawn, is drawing, draws
اجْتَذَبَ, جَرَّ, اجْتَرَّ, جَذَبَ
Responsive image
A person draws a face.
Example sentences of
draw verb
  • The computer can draw the graph for you.
  • Students drew maps of the states and labeled them.
  • She sat down and began to draw.
  • The case has drawn attention to the fact that many athletes never graduate.
  • I would like to draw your attention to the third line.
  • The band always draws a large crowd.
  • The college draws students from around the world.
  • The animals were drawn to the campsite by the smell of food.
  • We hope the display in the window will draw customers in from the street.
  • The lure of city life has drawn away many of the town's young people.