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allow verb
allowed, has allowed, is allowing, allows
جَوَّزَ, أَجَازَ
أَبَاحَ, سَمَحَ, صَرَّحَ, سَوَّغَ, خَلَّى
Example sentences of
allow verb
  • Certain religions do not allow divorce.
  • They don't allow smoking in this hotel.
  • They don't allow people to smoke in this hotel.
  • My boss wouldn't allow me to change my schedule.
  • Women were not allowed in the club.
  • The hospital doesn't allow visitors after 8 p.m.
  • Her schedule doesn't allow her any time to run errands.
  • The system allows you to transfer data easily from one computer to another.
  • Occasional gaps allow passage through the mountains.
Synonyms of
allow verb