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detail noun
Example sentences of
detail noun
  • Every detail of the wedding was carefully planned.
  • They designed every detail of the house.
  • the wooden box's fine carved detail
  • We admired the detail of the artist's work.
  • The job requires attention to detail.
  • The article provides further details.
  • You left out an important detail about their new baby: is it a girl or boy?
  • The novel is full of historical details.
  • The book includes a wealth of detail on living conditions aboard ships at that time.
  • The novel is full of historical detail.
Synonyms of
detail noun
detail verb
detailed, has detailed, is detailing, details
Example sentences of
detail verb
  • The book details the series of events that led to the tragedy.
  • She wrote a letter detailing her complaints.
  • The Army has detailed him to investigate the complaints.