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cross noun
Example sentences of
cross noun
  • a necklace with a gold cross
  • The teacher marked the absent students on her list with crosses.
  • Those who could not write signed their names with a cross.
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cross verb
crossed, has crossed, is crossing, crosses
عَبَرَ, مَرَّ
تَخَطَّى, شَقَّ, عَدَّى, تَعَدَّى
جَاوَزَ, أَجَازَ, تَجَاوَزَ, اجْتَازَ
Example sentences of
cross verb
  • We crossed the state border hours ago.
  • The dog crossed the street.
  • The highway crosses the entire state.
  • He was the first runner to cross the finish line.
  • The train crosses through France.
  • Put a nail where the boards cross.
  • One line crossed the other.
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cross verb