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consider verb
considered, has considered, is considering, considers
اعْتَبَرَ, حَسِبَ, احْتَسَبَ, فَكَّرَ, ظَنَّ, ارْتَأَى
اعْتَدَّ, تَأَمَّلَ, اسْتَعْرَضَ, تَدَبَّرَ, هَمَّ
Example sentences of
consider verb
  • We are considering you for the job.
  • She refused to consider my request.
  • He seriously considered changing careers.
  • The jury has considered the evidence and reached a verdict.
  • The policy was well researched and well considered.
  • Please consider what I've said.
  • We never considered the possibility that the plan could fail.
  • He paused a moment to consider before responding.
  • You have to consider that he is only three years old.
  • When you consider how long she worked there, it's surprising that she would leave so suddenly.