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consent verb
consented, has consented, is consenting, consents
صَادَقَ, وَافَقَ, أَبْرَمَ, أَقَرَّ, صَادَقَ, اسْتَصْوَبَ, أَيَّدَ, تَجَاوَبَ, قَبِلَ
Example sentences of
consent verb
  • He was reluctant at first but finally consented.
  • refused to consent to the marriage
Synonyms of
consent verb
consent noun
موافقة, قُبُول, مُوَافَقَة, تَصْدِيق, تَجَاوُب, إِبْرَام
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Signing a consent form before surgery
Example sentences of
consent noun
  • He did not give his consent for the use of his name in the advertisement.
  • No one may use the vehicle without the consent of the owner.
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