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conduct verb
conducted, has conducted, is conducting, conducts
دَلَّ, دَبَّرَ, أَدَارَ
أَرْشَدَ, رَشَّدَ, هَدَى
Example sentences of
conduct verb
  • The police are conducting an investigation into last week's robbery.
  • I like the way the company conducts business.
  • The magazine conducted a survey.
  • Who will be conducting the meeting?
  • The committee is expected to conduct hearings in May.
  • He conducts the choir with great skill and emotion.
  • conducting the music of Mozart
  • Our guide slowly conducted us through the museum.
  • Our guide conducted us along the path.
conduct noun
سُلُوك, سِيرَة
إِدَارَة, قِيَادَة
Example sentences of
conduct noun
  • A panel investigated her conduct and she was subsequently fired.
  • The President was happy to leave the conduct of foreign affairs to his secretary of state.
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conduct noun