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color noun
صِبْغ, صِبْغَة, صِبَاغ
Example sentences of
color noun
  • The color of blood is red.
  • What color are your eyes?
  • What color paint shall we use?
  • Blue and green are my favorite colors.
  • The pillows are all different colors.
  • The room needs more color.
  • In early summer the garden is full of color.
  • She added color to her outfit with a bright scarf.
  • His eyes were bluish-green in color.
  • She's using a new lip color.
color verb
colored, has colored, is coloring, colors
Example sentences of
color verb
  • We colored the water with red ink.
  • The children were busy coloring in their coloring books.
  • My nephew colored a picture for me.
  • The child colored the sky blue and the sun yellow.
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color verb
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