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clear verb
cleared, has cleared, is clearing, clears
أَوْضَحَ, بَيَّنَ, أَبْرَزَ, أَظْهَرَ, أَبْدَى, جَلَى
حَلَّلَ, بَرَّرَ, بَرَّأَ, مَهَّدَ, سَطَعَ
مَحَّى, أَزَالَ
Example sentences of
clear verb
  • The sky cleared after the rain.
  • The weather is cloudy now, but it's clearing gradually.
  • The morning fog gradually cleared.
  • When the smoke cleared, we could see that the building had been completely destroyed.
  • The water cleared after the mud had settled.
  • My skin cleared when I started using the cream.
  • They cleared timber from the land.
  • She cleared everything out of the closet.
  • I'll clear those books out of the way.
  • The police ordered the crowd to clear the area.
clear noun
فَصِيح, صَفْو
clear adjective
وَاضِح, جَلٍي, صَرِيح, نَصِيع, نَاصِع
أَبْلَجُ, مُفْصِح, خَلِيص, سَاطِع, قَرَاح, قَرِيح, صَفْو, صَفِيّ
Example sentences of
clear adjective
  • It was a beautifully clear, sunny day.
  • There are clear differences between the two candidates.
  • She's the clear favorite to win the election.
  • I'm not completely happy with the plan, but I see no clear alternative.
  • He was the clear winner.
  • She has made it abundantly clear that she does not support us.
  • It's not clear how much longer we'll have to wait.
  • “Changes will have to be made.” “Yes, that's clear.”
  • Her writing has a clear style.
  • The instructions weren't very clear about when we were supposed to begin.
  • I think I have a clear understanding of the problem.