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choice noun
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choice noun
  • He has some important choices to make.
  • You made a good choice.
  • She was faced with a difficult choice.
  • You can either accept the job or not. It's your choice.
  • I read about the various options so that I could make an informed choice.
  • Given the choice, I'd rather stay home tonight.
  • They gave me a choice between an automatic or standard transmission.
  • A flexible health insurance plan gives patients more choice about doctors and coverage.
  • There is a wide range of choices.
  • Other choices on the menu looked equally tempting.
choice adjective
مُمْتَاز, مُخْتَار
Example sentences of
choice adjective
  • Choice beef is not as expensive as prime beef.
  • choice chocolates for which chocolate lovers are willing to pay extra
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