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check verb
checked, has checked, is checking, checks
Example sentences of
check verb
  • Make sure to check your spelling.
  • She checked her makeup in the mirror.
  • We should check the equipment to make sure that it's working properly.
  • The guards checked my passport.
  • He checked his watch and saw that it was almost noon.
  • I'll just check the map to see where we are.
  • I'll check the newspaper to see when the movie starts.
  • If you're looking for a spoon, check the top drawer.
  • I checked his office but he wasn't there.
  • If you're looking for the umbrella, check in the closet.
Synonyms of
check verb
check noun
Example sentences of
check noun
  • Please give the schedule a check to see if the times are correct.
  • I gave the ingredients list a quick check to see if the cereal contained any sugar.
  • She ran a quick check of the computer to make sure it was working properly.
  • The police ran a check on the license plate and found out that the car had been stolen.
  • He was penalized for an illegal check.
  • He made out the check to me and signed it, and I deposited it in my account.
  • Do you want to pay in cash, by check, or by credit card?
  • She asked the waiter for the check.
  • a fabric with a blue and yellow check