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bare adjective
Example sentences of
bare adjective
  • He had a glove on his left hand, but his right hand was bare.
  • Do not let the bare wires touch.
  • He covered her bare arms with his coat.
  • The ground was bare where the statue had stood for years.
  • There was only one bare shelf.
  • Her office was pretty bare, having only one desk and one chair.
  • This is the barest room in the house.
  • He only told me the bare facts about what happened.
  • There was a rug in the front room of the house, but the other floors were bare.
Synonyms of
bare adjective
bare verb
bared, has bared, is baring, bares
Example sentences of
bare verb
  • He bared his chest to show the scar.
  • finally bared the secret that she had kept to herself for so long
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