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attack verb
attacked, has attacked, is attacking, attacks
هَاجَمَ, هَجَمَ, أَوْقَعَ, اعْتَدَى
أَغَارَ, غَزَا, سَطَا, سَاوَرَ, صَالَ, أَقْدَمَ
Example sentences of
attack verb
  • He attacked the guard with a knife.
  • Troops attacked the fortress at dawn.
  • The troops attacked at dawn.
  • People are attacking the mayor for breaking campaign promises.
  • The professor has been widely attacked for her position on the issue.
  • Did you see the way the kids attacked that pizza?
Synonyms of
attack verb
attack noun
هَجْمَة, هُجُوم, اعْتِدَاء
غَارَة, إِغَارَة, غَزْو, غَزْوَة, سَطْو, سَطْوَة
Example sentences of
attack noun
  • The immune system is the body's defense against attack by germs.
  • The spray protects plants from attacks by many common pests.
  • The surprise attack came at dawn.
  • There is a threat of nuclear attack.
  • There have been many attacks against the professor for her position on the issue.
  • The newspaper editorial is an attack on policy-makers.
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