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appear verb
appeared, has appeared, is appearing, appears
بَدَا, تَبَدَّى, تَرَاءَى
طَلَعَ, بَرَزَ, وَضَحَ, ظَهَرَ, نَشَأَ, صَدَرَ
تَصَوَّرَ, تَوَاجَدَ, وَافَى, جَهَرَ
هَلَّ, أَهَلَّ, نَجَمَ, لَاحَ
Example sentences of
appear verb
  • She appears a nice enough person.
  • Winning the election appears unlikely at this point.
  • One by one, the stars appeared in the sky.
  • The sun began to appear from behind the clouds.
  • The airplanes seemed to appear out of nowhere.
  • The storm disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.
  • The cat appears at our kitchen door every morning.
  • One of the guests appeared a few minutes late.
  • He appeared a little before eight last night.
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appear verb