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air noun
Example sentences of
air noun
  • These laws are meant to produce cleaner air.
  • A delicious smell filled the air.
  • I like to eat outside in the open air.
  • He can't breathe! Everybody move back and give him some air!
  • High in the mountains the air is thin and it can be hard to breathe.
  • He pumped air into the bicycle tire.
  • The city is wonderful seen from the air.
  • the fish of the sea and the birds of the air
  • The balloon rose up into the air and then floated through the air.
  • There has been heavy fighting on the ground and in the air.
air verb
aired, has aired, is airing, airs
Example sentences of
air verb
  • The blankets were left outside to air.
  • She opened the windows to air the room.
  • The company had a meeting so that employees could air their complaints.
  • The interview will be aired tomorrow.
  • The interview will air tomorrow.
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air verb