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aid verb
aided, has aided, is aiding, aids
سَاعَدَ, نَجَدَ, عَضَدَ
سَاعَفَ, أَسْعَفَ
رَفَدَ, أَرْفَدَ
Example sentences of
aid verb
  • They gave money in order to aid the cause.
  • She aided them in their efforts.
  • He jumped into the water to aid the drowning child.
  • a home run that was aided by the wind
  • She aided the government in the attempt to fight illiteracy.
Synonyms of
aid verb
aid noun
مُسَاعَدَة, نَجْدَة, إِسْعَاف, مَدَد, عَضْد
عَوْن, مَعُونَة, مُعَاوَنَة
غَوْث, إِغَاثَة
Example sentences of
aid noun
  • The project was completed with the aid of several students.
  • The work was done with the aid of a computer.
  • The government has given millions of dollars in economic aid to these nations.
  • She applied for financial aid in order to go to college.
  • The diagram is provided as an aid to understanding.
  • The computer is an aid to keeping costs down.
  • He teaches art with visual aids.
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