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time noun
وَقْت, زَمَن, زَمَان, حِين
آن, أَوَان, أَنًى, إِبَّان
سَاعَة, مَوْعِد
time noun
  • The two events were separated by time and space.
  • The poem is a reflection on the passage of time.
  • What was happening at that particular moment in time?
  • It has been that way since the beginning of time.
  • If only I could travel back in time and do things differently.
  • They were given a relatively short amount of time to finish the job.
  • The situation has been getting more complicated as time goes by .
  • happening for an extended period of time
  • Would you prefer the meeting to be at an earlier time?
  • Feel free to call me at any time, day or night.
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time noun
time verb
timed, has timed, is timing, times
time verb
  • They timed their vacation to coincide with the jazz festival.
  • He timed it so that he made the shot just before the clock ran out.
  • She timed the shot perfectly.
  • The runners are timed with special watches.
  • He timed the students as they completed their tests.
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time verb