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scratch verb
scratched, has scratched, is scratching, scratches
حَكَّ جِلْدَهُ
خَمَشَ, خَدَشَ
بَدَأَ مِن الصِّفْر
شَطَبَ, سَحَبَ مِن سِبَاق
صَرَّ صَرِيرًا خَفِيفًا
كَتَبَ, رَسَمَ عَلَى سَطْح مَا
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Scratching an itch
Example sentences of
scratch verb
  • Will you scratch my back for me?
  • Scratching the itch only makes it worse.
  • The dog scratched its ear.
  • You shouldn't scratch. It'll just make your itch worse.
  • Thorns scratched our legs as we climbed through the briars.
  • Careful, the cat will scratch.
  • The dog was scratching at the door.
  • Be careful not to scratch the table.
  • Someone scratched the paint on my car.
  • The little boy scratched lines in the dirt with a stick.
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scratch verb