1 Translation results for: to quarrel
quarrel verb
quarrelled, has quarrelled, is quarrelling, quarrels
جَادَلَ, شَاحَنَ, نَاقَرَ, خَانَقَ, شَاجَرَ, اشْتَجَرَ, خَاصَمَ, اخْتَصَمَ, نَاوَشَ
تَجَادَلَ, تَشَاحَنَ, تَنَاظَرَ, تَطَاحَنَ, تَخَانَقَ, تَشَاجَرَ, تَخَاصَمَ, تَشَارَسَ
Example sentences of
quarrel verb
  • The children quarrel all the time.
  • She and her husband are always quarreling about money.
  • I don't want to quarrel with you.