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order verb
ordered, has ordered, is ordering, orders
أَمَرَ, حَكَمَ
فَرَضَ, افْتَرَضَ
Example sentences of
order verb
  • They ordered everyone out of the house.
  • The soldiers were ordered back to the base.
  • “Stop! Drop your weapon!” ordered the officer.
  • The court threw out the conviction and ordered a new trial.
  • The judge ordered that the charges be dismissed.
  • He was accused of ordering the murder of his wife.
  • I ordered the books from the company's Web site.
  • The shirt you ordered should arrive in the mail in a couple of days.
  • To order, call the number at the bottom of your screen.
  • Order now and receive a free gift!
  • "Stop! Drop your weapon!" ordered the officer.