2 Translation results for: to fell
fell verb
felled, has felled, is felling, fells
Example sentences of
fell verb
  • using an ax to fell a tree
  • He's strong enough to fell an ox.
fall verb
fell, has fallen, is falling, falls
سَقَطَ, هَوَى
تَرَدَّى, نَزَلَ, انْحَسَرَ
طَاحَ, تَطَوَّحَ
هَطَلَ, تَهَطَّلَ
Responsive image
A man falls on the wet floor.
Example sentences of
fall verb
  • An apple fell from the tree.
  • A vase fell off the shelf.
  • Rain fell from the sky.
  • the sound of the falling rain
  • She slipped and fell on the ice.
  • He fell flat on his face.
  • She was afraid that I would trip and fall.
  • He fell down the stairs.
  • One of the sailors had fallen overboard.
  • He fell back onto the bed.
Synonyms of
fall verb