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add verb
added, has added, is adding, adds
أَضَافَ, ضَمَّ, أَلْحَقَ, قَرَنَ
أَرْفَقَ, أَرْدَفَ
Example sentences of
add verb
  • She's planning to add some new flowers to the garden.
  • The company is adding over 200 jobs this year.
  • This winter, he added skiing to his list of favorite sports.
  • Add one cup of sugar to the mixture.
  • Next, add the remaining butter to the pan.
  • In this dish, fresh herbs add lots of color and flavor.
  • We can help you add excitement to your vacation.
  • The historical details add depth to his story.
  • She adds a certain amount of experience and authority to the project.
  • When you add three and seven, you get ten.