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saying noun
كَلِمَة, كَلَام, لَفْظَة
عِبَارَة, تَفَوُّه, تَعْبِير
Example sentences of
saying noun
  • there's an old saying that you should let sleeping dogs lie
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say verb
said, has said, is saying, says
قَالَ, زَعَمَ
لَفَظَ, تَلَا
فَاهَ, تَفَوَّهَ, نَطَقَ
Example sentences of
say verb
  • “Is anybody there?” he said.
  • “Good morning,” said the woman behind the counter.
  • I said three words before he interrupted me again.
  • I just stopped by to say hello.
  • He left without saying goodbye.
  • I wanted to say thank you for all you've done for me.
  • She said something about going to the store after work.
  • He said something in French.
  • Anything you say to the police can be used as evidence against you.
  • Don't believe a word he says.
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say verb