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raid noun
غَزْو, غَزْوَة, سَطْو, سَطْوَة
Example sentences of
raid noun
  • They launched a raid against the enemy.
  • Weapons were also seized during the drug raid.
  • They caught five smugglers in the raid.
raid verb
raided, has raided, is raiding, raids
أَغَارَ, هَجَمَ, هَاجَمَ, دَهَمَ, دَاهَمَ
Example sentences of
raid verb
  • The village was raided often by neighboring tribes.
  • Police raided the house and found drugs.
  • Federal agents raided the warehouse, seizing stolen property and arresting five smugglers.
  • She raided her sister's closet to find something to wear to the party.
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